About Keen Home

At Keen Home, our network of companies specialize in the comprehensive electrification of homes through leading-edge solutions including solar power, intelligent heating and cooling systems, state-of-the-art battery storage, efficient EV chargers and home energy assessments. By replacing outdated systems with intelligent technology, we enable you to generate energy, and monitor and optimize energy usage by providing refined intelligence to residential electric systems.This leads to substantial utility savings and a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

1. Solar Power

Transform your power consumption into substantial savings with our residential solar energy solutions. At Keen Home, we offer the latest and most innovative solar products and services to elevate your energy experience.

2. Heating and Cooling

Keep your home at the perfect temperature year-round with our intelligent heating and cooling solutions. Partnering with industry-leading service providers, we ensure that your living space remains cool in the summer and warm and cozy during the winter.

3. Battery Storage

Gain independence from the power grid with our advanced solar battery storage system. Generate your own power when you need it most and enjoy significant utility cost savings.

4. EV Chargers

Power your electric vehicle with the charging efficiency it deserves. Integrate a high-performance EV charger from Keen Home, capable of delivering a powerful charge to any electric vehicle available in today’s market.

5. Roofing

Rely on our award-winning roofing providers with a distinguished reputation for high-quality, sustainable roofing solutions. When you need roofing service done right every time, trust the experts at Keen Home.

What Our Customers Say

“We realized savings of more than $3000 a year in our utility bill by installing solar panels with Keen Home. The savings funded our family vacation!”

“Keen Home helped us navigate Federal and state incentive programs, and we received $11,000 in tax credits for our installation.”

“It’s essential to our family that we take actions to live ‘greener’. The heat pump we installed helps reduce our carbon footprint by an average of three tons of CO2 a year–that’s equal to driving our car 6,750 miles!”

Connect to a greener, smarter future with ConnectM – The Energy Intelligence Network.