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ConnectM brings remote efficiency, insight, and control to the operations of mechanical equipment using our powerful sensor and AI platform.

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With over 400K+ connected assets across several light machinery industries, ConnectM is leading the charge to provide remote insight, efficiency, and control.

The Problem

Status Quo

220M units of HVAC and plumbing equipment generate $200B+ in avoidable maintain, repair, and install expenses annually.

Equipment to technician ratio is more than 600:1; a disparity magnified by seasonal usage and labor availability.

Contractor industry is inefficient/reactive, OEMs have little insight post-sale, and asset owners are largely in the dark.


Monitor + Control

The world’s first HVAC Smart Control
Board & AI Assistant Platform.

End-to-end, fully managed white label
solution for leading enterprises.

Meli EV

E-Mobility Platform

ConnectM offers an end-to-end, fully managed and white labeled EV management platform for leading OEMs.

ConnectM's Meli EV platform uses advanced AI/ML to provide fleet management, battery diagnostics, theft mitigation, and remote maintenance for the vehicles of the future.

Over 200K
Connected vehicles currently on the platform

Over 300GB
Of clean data analyzed daily

Over 450K
Sensors currently deployed

Mechanical Equipment
As A Service

Powered by Meli

The traditional model of getting light machinery products to consumers is stale.

The ConnectM Model is consumer-centric. This shift will give rise to Mechanical Equipment as a Service: ultimately separating equipment from labor and maximizing value for customers.

ConnectM is partnering with leading brands and pioneering this transformation.