Automotive Technology Integrations Now Streamlined, Seamless and Smart


Multinational Transportation Corporation


Automotive Technology Integration: Digital Control Unit

The Challenge

A leading automotive company faced a significant challenge in integrating three distinct components from different suppliers: the instrument cluster, Vehicle Control Unit (VCU), and telematics. This integration process was complex and inefficient, with each supplier working in isolation, leading to coordination and integration difficulties.

The Solution

ConnectM introduced its Digital Control Unit (DCU), a groundbreaking solution designed to streamline vehicle technology integrations The DCU consolidated the instrument cluster, VCU, and telematics into a single, unified system. This integration facilitated seamless interaction between hardware and software components, significantly simplifying the previously complex process. Additionally, the DCU came equipped with smart features such as mobile app-controlled speed limits, side stand sensors, and enhanced safety measures, including movement restrictions during charging and overheating alerts.

The Impact

The DCU significantly improved connectivity, offered detailed battery insights, and enhanced vehicle aesthetics. Its successful integration during the  company’s new vehicle launch showcased its pivotal role in transforming complex vehicle technology into a seamless, efficient system, marking a key achievement for the customer. The smart features added by the DCU enhanced vehicle safety and improved the overall user experience.


Total vehicles: 13k
Miles driven: 39,147Value Generated: 9% increase in revenue
Carbon savings: 25,354 tons

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